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About cleaning the toilet lid

Fujian Intop Sanitaryware Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 02, 2018

1, with a pattern of wood cover plate needs special maintenance and cleaning, can only use mild detergent (such as dishwashing dishwashing detergent) cleaning.

2, do not let abrasive chemical agents and cosmetics (such as nail polish and water) directly contact the toilet cover, because they will damage the surface.

3, may use the dish to wash the clean water to clean the cover plate, or uses the toilet cover board special cleaning agent, uses the soft sponge or the dishcloth to clean.

4, with removable soft foam ring toilet cushion cover plate, do not put into the dishwasher, dryer or other hot cleaning appliances cleaning.

5. If you remove the toilet cover, consider using a large basin to help clean it.

6, rinse clean, dry with a soft towel, and then dry the cover plate to ensure that the key parts dry completely. In fact, the toilet seat because it is easy to drop ash, before use and after use and then turn up and cover, more easily dirty and damaged. Therefore, if usually pay more attention to maintenance, the toilet cover will not look dirty and old affect the beauty of the whole bathroom.

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