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How to choose bathroom toilet seat?

Fujian Intop Sanitaryware Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 16, 2018

1: Split toilet. (separation of water tank and toilet seat) advantages: The price is cheaper than the one-piece toilet, and the separated parts such as the water tank can be replaced.


2: One-piece toilet. (the water tank and the toilet seat are combined into one.) advantages: Easy installation, convenient cleaning and small footprint.

The following factors should be considered when choosing a toilet:

Gloss: A product with a high gloss. The higher the density, the easier it is to clean.

Bathroom toilet seat porcelain: The quality of porcelain is directly related to the life of the toilet. The higher the firing temperature, the more uniform the porcelain is.

Flushing function: The flushing of the toilet seat directly depends on the design of the pipeline, and it is also related to the height of the water level of the tank and the water. Modern popular flushing methods include direct flushing, oblique punching, and siphoning. The straight-through type has a large diameter, and the flushing force is not easy to block. The siphon type uses the vacuum principle to drain the water and then change the water, and the sound is small.

Bathroom Toilet Seat

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