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Childrens Toilet Seat Built into Toilet Seat

Duroplast Family Adult and Child toilet seat based on Universal D shape Wrap-over Design



6 profile picture.JPG

                 Profile Picture

7 Cucurbit shape Baby ring.JPG

Cucushape Baby Ring,more comfortable and safety for Children

8 Adult ring.JPG

4pcs of Buffers on Baby ring,more stable


11  Baby ring.JPG

  • Baby Ring is slow close function as well to avoid pinching for Children

  • Baby Ring can't be took off,so more safety


SOFT CLOSE (seat & Baby ring) hinge mechanism to prevents loud slamming,cracked toilets and pinched fingers.

Simply tap and watch it close slowly and sliently by itself.

Ideal for kids,older adults,individuals with disabilities or lower back pain,because the user does not have to bend or stoop to lower the seat.

Slow close helps remind men/boys to raise and lower the seat because it's so Easy.

We could guarantee 50,000times at least for soft close lifetime,though it's 30,000times for National Standard

  9,  4pcs buffers.JPG

  •  Reverse Picture

  • 4pcs Buffers on Adult Ring,more stable


           How to fix toilet seat into toilet. SO EASY!

5 fixing hinge with Stainless Steel 304 cap.JPG

  • How hinge works. SO EASY!

  • Design of One button is based on Finger Ergonamics


                            Replacement of toilet seat, SO EASY

Press the one button in the middle to release the seat for cleaning.

1-Touch Quick Release enables you to instantly remove the seat for cleaning the nasty area between the seat mounting posts where urine,grime and odor-causing germ collect.Simply touch the button,lift straight up and wipe the area clean.

Helps keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean

  packin details.png

 Product Details.png

            IF questions.png


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